Meshtech Motion Tracker

Since the very start of Meshtech, in 2014, we have tried to innovate based on input from customer needs and market insight. As a result, our products are highly customizable and may be adjusted to suit different customer needs.

Meshtech continuously develop new products that easily can be integrated into our mesh of BLE technology. The Motion Tracker is one of our recent innovations where our focus has been to create a small unit that inhabits different functionalities, and has clean and simple design.

The Motion Tracker has BLE technology from Nordic Semiconductor to ensure compatibility with other Meshtech products. It is relatively small in size with the dimensions of 45 mm Ø x 15mm width, and is detachable to ease access to battery. It may be attached to equipment of different sorts, and provides historical data about the equipment. This information may for instance be used to reduce the cost of maintenance or analyze use patterns or location. In short, it will be suitable to define the function in general as monitoring of equipment.

Other key features are:
  • Accelerometers for motion detection
  • LED status indication of battery, or programmed to show other features
  • Push-button functionality that may be set to needed functionality
  • Battery powered
  • Temperature and pressure sensors (optional)
  • Configurable user profiles
  • Really just limited by our imagination

  • The product development phase is well underway, and Meshtech expects the Motion Tracker to entry the market in Q3/4 2017, where it will be implemented in a high profiled fitness center for monitoring of fitness equipment.

    The first installation of Meshtech Motion Trackers, together with Meshtech Backend and Frontend has been successfully completed at SATS Elixia in Nydalen, Oslo.