About Us

Meshtech enables smarter decision making

We achieve this by helping businesses collect, transfer and analyse data which in turn is used to improve existing operations or develop completely new concepts. Our network is based on a unique and robust solution based on industrial Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication, and we are an early partner with key development players of NB-IoT and LTE-M. Meshtech focuses on leveraging its technology and competence around three application areas: 1) asset monitoring, 2) asset control and 3) asset tracking. We are already scaling operations with several clients and have prosperous pilot projects with several industry leading companies.

A team with a proven track record

The management team of Meshtech has between them decades of experience with development of products for the electronics industry. Our main office is located in Arendal, we have an administration and sales activities out of Oslo, and development activities in Ukraine and India. Meshtech is a privately owned company. Our shareholders include the founder, management, other employees and institutional investors.

Meshtech Team

Per Gunnar Nordahl

Chief Executive Officer

John Gunnar Haugenes


Torjus Færsnes

Chief Technical Officer

Arne Martin Gjøseid

Chief Operating Officer

Hanne Fyrde

Sales Coordinator

Preben Grønlund Skretteberg

Project Manager

Eva Selmer

Project Engineer

Per Jørgen Nygjerde

Project Manager

Steffen Jean Sødal

Business Developer

Nina Axelsen

Finance & Admin Manager

Eirik Aanonsen

Head of R&D

Eivind Kristoffer Holst-Larsen

Service Technician

Kristian Skogstrøm

System Developer

Daniel Vassdal

System Developer

Kirill Kovalenko

Software Engineer

Yevhen Kabanets

Software Engineer

Kirill Selyak

Software Engineer

Bohdan Kondrusik

UX/UI Designer